14 May 2020

The blockchain solution for a new sustainable economy and local-global-social fabric

For several years I have been working on the Lietaer legacy of added value in currencies.
I was there when Lets and Torrekens took of.
For some years now I am investigating the potential of Blockchain for the improvement of due diligence and sustainability.
Aragon and The Commons Stack get all of my attention now.
I seek contact with the Welness token in Japan, where I loved their white paper.

Also Settlemint in Leuven gets my interest now

As Venture capitalist and business consultant, connecting human talent development and unlocking the new economies, gives me a lot of energy and privide me with a lot of joy !

30 March 2020

Reinventing yourself in times of lock-down

The lock-down gives me time and space to become more aware of myself as human being, father, spouse and entrepreneur. I can loose the old and embrace the new.

Enjoy this video message I made for you :


08 May 2019

Aiming for an integrated approach

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be very analytical and sceptical when it comes to theories and teachers.

I’m interested in a wide range of subjects and generally want to go to the heart of things. Da Vinci’s ideal strikes me as more or less untenable in these modern times, but striving to understand our world, ‘How & Why’, is a driving force for me.

That is clearly apparent in my approach to councelling for executives and their teams of people.

It is a realistic dream to: aim for free leadership that allows teams to achieve their full potential, as we strive together to create an increasingly sustainable world of plenty.

  • We start with your own values, preconceptions and motivations in order to deal with your sense of purpose more consciously.
  • To this end we evaluate the character of your relationships and emotions together.
  • We learn and increase our ability to learn, our focus, intent and experience of time.
  • We work on your physical well-being through space and movement with Body & Brain yoga.

Do you experience satisfaction in your work? Are you in the flow? Is the board sufficiently effective – and fun too?

All management questions are possible leads to exchange views with me, enjoy a unique espresso in the sun on our patio or search for – and find – the constantly renewable balance!

07 May 2019

From biomimicry to leadership and Teeming

Every year, hundreds of new books on leadership are published. Every 3-4 years there’s a new hype (lean, agile, scrum, 360°, etc.). Can we still see the forest for the trees?

After more than thirty years of entrepreneurship and research, I sense some recurring essential themes. These are regulary repackaged and adapted to the current age. Ultimately, they are centuries-old methods to work in groups. That involves group dynamics, internal and external communication and positioning yourself as the leader.

Over the past fifty years I searched for effective natural laws.
I then simplified these into daily practice.
If you’d like to learn more I can heartily recommend the following classics/newcomers:

1. Hill, Napoleon: “Think and Grow Rich”, 1937-2008 (deluxe edition) Tarcherperigee, New York NY, USA

2. Scharmer, Otto: “The Essentials of Theory U”, 2018, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Oakland, CA, USA

3. Woolley-Barker, Tamsin: “Teeming: How Superorganisms Work Together to Build Infinite Wealth on a Finite Planet (and your company can too)”, 2019, White Cloud Press, Ashland, OR, USA

06 May 2019

Building long-lasting relationships together

Over the past century, the most effective ways for people to work together have been the subject of extensive and scientific research. T-groups, True North groups and family businesses were revealed as the winners.
As we work to simplify and turn almost anything into an application it appears we have forgotten that we’re really herd animals at heart, requiring both individual and collective effort to produce new inventions and further optimise our social-economic framework. We re-invent hot water every day! Eureka! There’s nothing wrong with that, but perhaps we could be a bit more intelligent about it?

Team building is often a nice day out, with climbing, paintball or team sports. As a manager, you truly create your team through your daily actions as a human being. Your team members do so by picking the right job and engaging to perform their work effectively.

With engagement, we can create long-term relationships that respect the environment and humanity, and provide plenty for all!

05 May 2019

Slowing down

Slow food, slow management and destressing are the pro-active versions of what others experience as burn and bore outs. Our 20,000-year-old brain and body can’t handle ever-increasing acceleration and volumes of data in a healthy way. Most of our (subconscious) decisions are still performed in fight-or-flight mode and the abundance of stimuli and processed foods is physically and mentally exhausting, and cumulatively and collectively, illness-inducing.

The best solutions are meditation, mindfulness or some form of ‘body & brain’ yoga. These Asian practices are ideally suited to help us live more freely. They all come down to slowing down, focusing and letting go of stagnated energies.

Or a good walk by the sea on a windy day or elsewhere in nature can also help us to deal with everyday stresses and gradually slow down until we achieve the age-old, ultimate slowed-down solution of sufficient, regular sleep!