Action plan

In his coaching, advisory and training programmes, Lieven and his network hold to a few basic tenets:

Our work is progression-oriented (solution-oriented) and uses various tools depending on what fits the assignment and the coachee; management director or CEO.

Coach me


Lieven’s coaching deploys different methodologies and tools depending on the specific coaching issue, the coachee and the progress of the coaching programme.

Nothing I say is ‘the Truth’. You have your own truths. I just help you re-find your Self.

I encourage you to remain critical of what I say, write or do.
I encourage you to develop compassion for your Self.
I searched for what I remembered as being of value to me.
I’d like to encourage you to do the same. Thank you for your attention.
Thank you for viewing the serious and light-hearted sides of our work all together.

Planet – People – Profit (3 Ps)

I see this as a natural strategic progression; historically (Big Bang to current day), in size (large to small) and in (critical) importance. It’s a great guideline in considering the purpose of our enterprise.

In life, nature’s grace (prosperity), diversity (peace), interaction (partnership) and plenty (the overabundance on the planet and the variety of people) stands as the ultimate example. The 2030 international sustainable goals help us further: 5 ps sustainability

Learning to learn

My target group consists of coaches, supervisors, trainers, CEOs, managers, chefs, artists and teachers.
The path: being present while increasingly ‘reserving judgement’. I help you find space and time.
Together we re-find what we must do; learning by doing, interactively, in the here and now.
Our work covers physical, emotional, mental and fine sensory aspects.
If my enterprising, searching learning were to stop, I’d die.


I cannot not communicate. While I’m alive I am in interaction with myself, my environment and the other(s). Fundamentally, I communicate with my body through all my senses. Words and languages are codes to shape cultural synchronisation. Media is an information tool. We explore the overabundance of data to find the type which is most useful to you.


Each being has a specific view of our reality. All of us together create earth’s ‘quantum soup’. Of the many business plans, vision and mission statements I have read or produced, I stand behind the one from the ‘Master Grubbery’; the biodynamic CSA teaching farm I co-founded in 2007: “We want to optimise efficient learning processes, based on our belief in people’s natural intelligence. We naturally observe this search for motivated learning in children and adults. Activation of our link with the earth, ourselves and the other stand at the heart. Through contact with the natural world, we want to stimulate people to dig through themselves and to encourage a greater awareness of who we are, what we’re doing and on what basis we take responsibility or restrict ourselves. The essence of change is a continuous process of digging for the reality here and now, in contact with ourselves and our surroundings. In doing so, values include: respect, authenticity, plenty, simplicity, compassion, vulnerability, lightness, awareness, enterprise, perseverance, focus, love, freedom and solidarity.

Working in co-creation

Lieven is an expert in designing ways of working in co-creation. In the course of more than forty years of training experience, Lieven has continued to work on his own training too. Additionally, plenty of simple ways of working are quite common and generally available. Lieven divides sound approaches from the hype.

Below we present an overview of the common models, tools, research methods and ways of working used in our individual and team coaching and training programmes (general coaching and executive coaching). This list is an indication only and not exhaustive.

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